The main reason

When I had a meeting with a woman who works successfully with marketing and branding, she asked a question that kind of made me reflect on what I do. She asked what the main reason is for me to do this, the core of Somenid, and after thinking a few seconds I answered that it's all about the passion I have for creating things.

The idea of starting a business is not based on the desire to get rich, famous or even successful really; it's based on me wanting to be able to live on what I love and share it with others who hopefully get it when looking at my work.

She then wanted to know how I translate this feeling from idea to reality, how potential "fans" are supposed to understand this and choose me instead of others who might or might not do similar things? It made me think; I grew up as a very visual person who kind of always assumed I would one day draw for a living one way or another, but in what way was not the main thing. Sharing this without people thinking you want to brag about how talented you are, but actually need to if you want to make money from it, does not come naturally to me. Quite the opposit; I tend to prefer just producing things and put them in a box or sell them without a big fuss. I realise it's very different now, but while it's a challenge, I have always loved mastering new situations and learning from them. I have all kinds of plans in my head, now it's time to pull them out of there and exposing them (well some might prefer being hidden)!

I'm open to this new life where I'm the boss of my own destiny and future.


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