Music trigging the mind

The main swan ballerina dancing in Swan Lake The main swan ballerina dancing in Swan Lake
I can get almost obsessed with a song and play it on repeat over and over until I either get tired of it...or play it again. With some limits where I get tired of myself and switch into something else. Obviously I always keep the volume down since I realise it would probably drive neighbours crazy (I  once experienced an extreme situation like this where in the end i couldn't concentrate and got nervous...but common...same song every day for three months; morning and night..?).

Why do I even bring this up? For me all artforms are connected and I love how many artists collaborate and understands how the differences can lift both to new hights. And I'm not talking about just putting a soundtrack in the background of a fashion show, but to let them coexist and move as one. When I listen to some rythms I see a dress dancing to it, a dramatic scene near the sea or in the forest. I've never had the skills or passion to persue and kind of dancing career, but i love sometimes just letting a tune fill up the mind and body whether i'm still or moving.

In the end I write this for myself or for anyone who stumbles upon it in cyberspace. If you read this; what kind of music makes you feel inspired in your life?

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