This is the poster for our first event arranged under the name "Urban Poetry". The concept to mix art and fashion will continue on; why separate the two?

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In the windy november day she stood there and listened to the sounds of the water while the cold wind messed up her hair... This is the first chapter of a longer story, stay tuned. The bigger picture will be presented soon.

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During the dark period of the swedish winter we are hosting our first official event where the first collection will be exposed on the walls. Nothing is random, everything has a story and this one is strongly connected to the city where I was born. Art and fashion are the same to me, that's why I want to merge them into a concept where you can't separate them completely. Creativity is the key to happiness in my life, therefore I want to use it to build a world of my own where I follow my own rules and I am sharing what I do with the people who wishes to do so.

For those too far away from Gothenburg to physically take part of this, there will updates and images to see also online.

This is the birth of something new and where it goes from there nobody knows..!
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When life and art comes together they can create new realities. Outside the world of collections, pieces born inside a creative bubble gets the opportunity to have an existence of its own and looked upon as something individual.